Welcome to MacroView Investment Management

NOTE:  Absolute Investment Management has changed its name to MacroView Investment Management. 

Money management is an ongoing dynamic process that evolves on a day to day basis. It also must be based on a strong long term economic and investment philosophy. America’s Bubble Economy and Aftershock, written by MacroView Managing Director Robert Wiedemer and Chief Economist David Wiedemer, outline MacroView’s general economic and investment philosophy.

And because money management evolves on a day to day basis, MacroView not only invests with an eye to the long term future as laid out in Aftershock, but also seeks to take advantage of shorter term opportunities that are not in Aftershock since they involve a knowledge of shorter term situations that cannot be addressed in a book. MacroView also looks at long term opportunities not specifically discussed in Aftershock.

Fundamentally, MacroView Investment Management is day to day, hands-on Aftershock consulting for our clients’ investments. Think of MacroView as a GPS to guide you through what we believe will be a challenging investment environment for years.

Please view the short video below with MacroView Managing Directors Daniel Cohen and Robert Wiedemer to find out why MacroView Investment Management is the right partner for your wealth preservation strategy.